KUTHONA (December) – Food shortage in the kingdom. Resolved with the help of the Soothscale Tribe, Oleg and the hunting skills of the party.

ABADIUS (January) – Nothing special happened.

CALISTRIL (February) – House Libodda sends 20 guards in gratitude for bringing back the Signet Ring that we found.

PHARAST (March) – Economic boom. – Silversmight Gnomes arrived and starts working together with the Soothscale tribe.
Personal note: End of the Silver/Iron deal. – Hiring of the Mercenaries (Barbarian and Elven Archer( for 2000 gold pieces.

GOZRAN (April) – Nothing special happened in the kingdom.
Personal note: Annual 2 week seclusion. – Hiring of the 4 man adventuring Group (gnome, dwarf, kobold and human) for 1000 gold pieces.

DESNUS (May) – Miners go on strike, resolved with “bribe” of beer deliveries.

SARENITH (June) – River blossoms bloom, giving the Blessing of Erastil.

ERASTUS (July) – Nothing special happened in the Kingdom.
Personal note: Return of the Mercenaries. 3000 gold pieces repaid.

ARODUS (August) – Tournament. Grand Joust won by Sir Garres.
Grand Melee won by Rucdalh (defeated easily by Girky, the People’s champion).
Archery competition won by the Elven Mercenary.
Boasting competition won by Solania.
Sir Felgrin Sneed returned after having won his trial, and swears fealty, and promoted to be the leader of Olegton.

ROVA (September) – Civil Unrest in Olegton, after it has been annexed, Alchemist’s shop is blown up, but quickly repaired to keep in working order.

LAMASHTAN (October) – Civil Unrest continues in Olegton, and rumours start of a petition sent to Baron Nesvod, asking for Olegton to be annexed into his county. Investigation shows that the problems are caused by a Pitaxian Mercenary captain, brother of the Pitaxian we killed when retaking the Stag Lord’s Fort.

NETH (November) – Rumours surface of a possible military Buildup from Baron Nesvod, after he receives the Olegton petition. Timely intervention by Solania, averts this, though she sees no evidence of the Military force. An agreement is reached with the Baron, that he can send in observers to the country, to verify how stable and productive it is.

KUTHONA (December) – It is confirmed that a military force of 125 men were gathered near the Border to the Realm of the Silver Dragon, but hopefully the solution reached with the baron will prevent an attack.
Rumours surface once again, this time saying that the Marshal is trading children to the Fey of the region, in order to obtain Peace of the Kingdom.
A “Snow-Girky” competition is held in Fort Tuskwater, for the children of the region, for them to build a snowman that looks like the People’s Champion, Girky. The winner had a price of a Winter Solstice Dinner worth 50 gold pieces.

ABADIUS – Candlemere island is investigated by the Magister, Vanessa Vendeldale, and the island is suspected to be a good location for a magical Academy, as the channelling of magic comes easier there, supposedly as it is on top of a ley-line. Unfortunately it is also inhabited by a number of Will’o’Wisps that will have to be cleared out first.

CALISTRIL – Snows begin to melt. No interesting news forthcoming.

PHARAST – Fifty Copper, the famous bard, is seen travelling through the Green Belt, with his most famous number, the “Safety Dance”. Due to the influx of people coming to see him, the kingdom experiences a marked rise in the taxes gathered.

GOZRAN – No news affecting the Kingdom. Adventurers hired a year previously by Solania fail to return. Wine Merchant (Alexei Chekov) returns and expects profits to start flowing from Desnus onwards, as the first caravan should arrive in Brevoy then. Yearly 2 week Seclusion for Solania begins. Girky attempts and fails to find her.

DESNUS – Still no news of the missing adventuring group. News on the Kingdoms surrounding us return however.
Varnhold is to the east, created by another group sent to the area.
Glanenborn Uplands, North of Pitax, is close to the Lands of the Tigerlords. Possible fighting between the settles and the native Barbarians.
Fort Prellen is to the west – Seems stable, but occassionally clashes with Lizardfolk and Boggards.
Still awaiting return of the Wine Merchant.
Rumours of a Green Dragon surface, claiming that it lives in the Gnarlmarshes.

SARENITH – Wine Merchant returns, and 2 Wedding Rings for the upcoming marriage of Castien and Ariel, as she accepted his proposal. Marriage to be held once the Cathedral is completed, which is expected to be in Gozran of year 3.

ERASTUS – Assasination attempt on Sneeg is prevented and the assassin is caught and tried. Girky acquires new shield at Solania’s expensive, featuring the handsome looks of Sir Pounce-a-lot. Rumours of the Stag Lord having returned as a ghost comes unexpectedly from the Kamelands.

ARODUS – Yearly tournament held. Investigation by both the marshal’s forces and independent verification by Solania, show a hill where there are undead.

ROVA – Nothing happens.

LAMASHTAN – Rumour surface that Solania is under the charm of Noctish, and that together they are planning on building a human slave nation, under Gnome and Kobold Control. A tour of the country by Solania and Noctish put the rumours to rest.

NETH – No news.

KUTHONA – Holy symbol of the High Priest of Iomeda is stolen. The Thief is caught and sent to the Goldmines for Hard Labor. The “Great Faerie Dragon Hunt” is arranged, to follow up from last year’s succesful Snow-Girky competition. Perlivash takes part, as the “bait”, under the promise of sweets.

ABADIUS – Year 3 of the Realm of the Silver Dragon. – The group takes off to investigate the undead gathering near the hill in the Kamelands.


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