Kingmaker Campaign - Country of Cabemigorus

Casiten's Log 1st entry

I decided to start a log now that the king tasked me with ruling the land. I am glad that I’m not alone with though. The weeks and months of exploring the Green Belt were quite sucessful and it was a huge help for me when I had to make decision as to who should support me while making something out of the green belt. I decided to start a city after consulting with the others and the left over of the Stag Lords Fortress are quite handy as a foundation for a Castle. Personally I do not need a castle but as long as it’s has a use for the city, who am I to not build one.

The construction seems to be going quite well and I’m pleased that people started moving to Tuskwater Point, which is a sign that the other and me made some decent decisions even if the first winter month looked to be a challenge but sending Galial out to hunt as well as Solania off to the Kobolds made things easier. The Kobolds are great allies and I’m thankful for the support they’ve lent us.

I also need to consider the other creatuers that we met and encountered on our exploration. I do hope that claiming the lands where the boggart as well the hermit and the temple is will let my desire to protect them come true. Having Galial as Marshall is already a step forward and with Solania’s talent to make friends it should ease out some difficulties.

It seems that Rhael has picked up his own buisness while guarding Vanessa. It’s good he and the others are building a foundation for their future. I supposed Girky and Rucdalh will soon pick up plans…well in Girky’s case I really can’t predict it.

The settling into these lands and managing them is a huge challenge and while it brings some aspects back to my life I had hoped to get rid off but I shall not make mistakes again and the ones I made I will try to correct. I do not how this will turn out but I wish for the best.

I need to think about setting up a few rules as well as request the others to keep me updated with reports what is happening and I have to look into training a few man so I can establish protection for the people of these lands…

Marshall's log : Ranger Galial

Castien Birren appears to be Brevoy’s newest noble recruit. He has been given stewardship of the Green belt lands that we’ve spent the last few months exploring. There was a large feast of honour and today we set out to make a more permanent base for the Fiefdom as its called.

Looks like I’ve got some work around here to do yet still.


Settlers have been streaming in constantly for the last month since we first made a start on the old stag fort. Its in a prime defensive position and i think once we get a road up to Olegs and the Rustland highway it’ll be a good trade hub.

My duties now include Marshalling of the outlying lands. It was a roll I took eagerly as it manages to keep me out of the hustle and bustle of construction of a town and away from some of the politics for a time. However the lands are quiet. Word hasn’t got out yet.


Damn its cold here in winter.
We spent the last few months building up the town a bit. We have a mill once the river unfreezes. Castiens Settled lands expand every month, and with that farmland and families. Part of my duties is to make sure those outlying farmsteads are kept lawfully and not prone to any resurgence of Banditry. As such I’ve recruited some more people to help me form the spare populous. I’ll have to get more as the lands become further settled. So far my training to them has been the same as the Dark Eagle Order that I grew up in. They seem to take to it well… Very well in fact. Maybe i’ll make Rangers of them yet.

Note to self – Speak to Solania about these notices that appeared around town.


Some strange gnome types arrived at our gates in the last few weeks. They wanted permission to work the silver mine the Soothscale clan Kobalds live in. I was not privy to the discussions with them, but for all intents and purposes Solania got them talking and they seem to be happy.

Of course this brought to us an influx of traders once they realised the Silversmith Gnomes were here.

Rucdalh appears to be recruiting some odd denizens of Tuskwater point to his cause, whatever that may be. A few beggers and worryingly the young pickpockets of the town. Naturally of course Sir Garres is not pleased with the developments. There will be trouble there soon i’m thinking. Meanwhile, Rhael seems to have effectively minimised damage that the young miss Vendledale may achieve. The two of them are getting on well. I am a little worried at Rhael’s new logging operations, but I do not feel they will endanger Syriana’s lands. Hopefully it’ll stay that way. The forest spirit unerves me a lot.

Solania for some reason is patroning random adventurer groups. Its her money I guess, I’m just lost as to her reasoning. Unless she’s looking for something out in the world.

The Ranger Marshalls that I recruited continue to train well. Eldric, Ardis, Aldrey, Vlad and Dimitri. After May i think i’ll have to do some further recruiting.


Thankfully Spring is in full swing again and the temperature is becoming more bearable. The ports in the city were finally completed recently and thats helping the city folk unload and trade easier.

We also finally connected our sattlite town to The Rustland road. This means more work for Myself and Garres as we now have traders that can move down to Tuskwater and go through there on thier river trading missions.
Svetlana and Oleg have been very busy in the last little while. They now have a fledgling village at Olegs outpost. Apparently they’ve asked for us to help them out with laws and guardship It will be good to have a force on the Rustland road security wise, and i think i can sort out a messenger network if his Lordship demands it. warning system might be good… possibly some form of beacons along the Tuskwater road so that we can send troops if trouble appears.

Of course the issue is that Olegton as its now called, is simply too far away from Tuskwater point to allow quick reinforcement.

Note to self – suggest to his lordship fortifications at Olegton be prioritised. I already believe he wants to set up another garrison there.

whilst we’re at it, it may be an idea to put a watchtower near the gold mine village… just in case.

Rucdalh continues to be at odds with Garres. I must try and remain neutral there, or just stick tyo my patrols. The countryside is more peaceful.

I think Ceredwyn and myself are getting along fine. She hasn’t tried to bite off my hand in a month and more. she may be slightly bad tempered but she is a definate ally to be counted on.


Although Garres is not happy about it, I must admit this month that Rucdalh’s informant network came up pretty well this month. He recieved word that some small time bandits were planning to attack one of the outlying farm villages. We were able to get there in very timely fashion. Just in time to see the four men about to start thier attack. I arrested them and we brought them back to Tuskwater point for Garres.

He was not happy that we did not invite him along. When i told him that the outer regions were my greatest concern and that I would rather not leave the town unpoliced. He took offense. Rucdalh’s remarks did not help either. I swear that Elf goes out of his way to tweak Garres nose.

Anyway, justice was served. I spoke to Garres afterwards and mentioned that I was willing to work with him in these matters but that today’s issue was one that required a fast response. Garres would have taken most of the garrison if he’d been allowed and that would have delayed me and my Marshal squad. We can move through the countryside well enough without 50 guardsmen trailing.

He understood my reasoning i think and we offered to stay informed. He is a man very much taken up by organisation i think, but after a while im sure he’ll settle down.

If he intends to stay in the fiefdom for the future that is.

Note to self – Speak to Solania, regarding possible information networking with her hired mercenaries Adventurer groups.

Final Session(1) - Season 1


Hmm, that came out less heroic than I expected it would have.

Anyways, that is the decision. Most of the group voted for Castien, I even had her down as my second choce (after myself naturally), based on her previous experience in the noble heights of society.
I suppose it’s the diplomats life for Solania. Oh well, I do like meeting new people and making friends. If nothing else, it should certainly keep the Bleaching at bay. Now if only the voice would be quiet. – Although I have to admit that being a Magister of Magical Research sounds interesting as well.
It’s been getting louder lately I think… Perhaps it’s trying to take over once more. I’m fighting it and winning at the moment, but will that last? I only hope that shoudl I break, it won’t be at a time where I/it can cause too much mischief.

In any case, now is not the time for such gloomy thoughts. Now is the time for rejoicinng and celebrating and taunting Castien.

Second to last Session, Season one

We’ve finally finished our exploration of the area, ending with the fantastic discovery of a Gold Mine.. An abandoned one, that would seemingly be quite productive if we can get it up and running.
We’ve found farmlands, and robbed cairns (though we DID give them something to appease the spirits, in case we desecrated holy ground).
All that needs to be done now it seems is for a ruler to be decided.

We shall wait to see the decision.

Solania's Adventure Journal issue 9 and 10.

Well, we found out who let out the Owlbear. That was the Stag Lord, so after we’d finished mopping up his minions, we joined forces with the Kobolds, who were battling both Owlbear and Bandits. In the end we ended up killing the owlbear and most of the Bandits there, before 2 of the Bandits locked themselves inside the Owlbear’s cage. To which I broke the lock, so they couldn’t get out. (We did spare their lives though).

The Bandit Lord himself then decided to interfere. He attacked, along with the once-noble Knight Felgrin Sneed. We killed the Bandit Lord (or rather I DID, just as I DID with the Owlbear) and the Knight surrendered. We heard his tale, and decided that we would help him. We have now donated 1000 gold to his cause, so that he can go back and face the charges, as he seems convinced that he’ll be able to find the proof he needed in order to be acquitted. – Should he be acquitted, he has sworn himself to our cause.
The same goes for the surviving bandits. Our little nation seems to be growing by the day.

After turning in all the goods we found at the Fort to Oleg, so that we have a bit more ready cash, we have decided to explore the remaining area. We found some rather nasty traps (which Girky promptly stepped on), and as they were so well hidden that even most humans wouldn’t notice, we decided to follow the tracks of the trapper. We came across his dead body, causing us to wonder what had happened.
We think we know, as the next day, my trap finally paid off! We now know a Faerie Dragon, and a Grig! Both of whom Girky captured, by leaping out of a rather tall tree, causing him to be hurt. – I suspect Girky’s been sneaking off to eat my sandwiches…. In any case, we now know them. (We decided to let them go, though I had to use a Sleep spell on Girky as he turned aggressive).

Apparently as well, Rucdalh and Galial seem to be suffering from some sort of disease that they caught off the Mites. Thankfully it seems as if the Faerie Dragon and the Grig knows someone who can help, so we’re on our way there now.

Solania's Log. 8th session.

After a brief planning period, and a night spent talking to Kobolds, we have now gotten to the point of invading the Stag Lord’s Fort. Entering through the gates, with Kressle playing her part, and invisible, we were quickly able to both take out the guards, and signal the Kobolds (courtesy of a Wand of Burning Hands).
Moving on a bit, we’ve now entered the armory, with Rucdahl going down once, and our dear Darkness Priest getting him back up, after an attack by some sort of foppish swashbuckler (and some half-ogre), with me managing to rack up an impressive killcount – Again with a Wand of Burning Hands, and some of Bokken’s Brew. Very fiery combination. I like it. A LOT.
Not much to say currently, as we’re still in the fight, though I do find the cries of “WHO LET THE OWLBEAR OUT!??” to be somewhat disquieting.

Solania's Journal. day... errrr. T+23 or so. (6th + 7th Session)

We’ve recently returned triumphantly from vanquishing the Evil Mite Infestation! – And made friends with the Kobolds. We even have a trade agreement with them. (Or I do at least). Once per month, I’ll provide them with 100 pounds of iron, and they’ll provide me with 100 pounds of silver. Profitable for me. Useful for them, as they couldn’t get iron on their own.
It’ll also make Oleg a rich man in the long run, as I’ve cut him in on 10% of the profits, in order for him to manage the flow of goods. Should be a lucrative deal for him, since I’m the one putting my money in it, and taking the risk.

We’ve also met Bokken. The witch. (Who’s deffo a witch, regardless of what Gurky says. After all, he has a cat, a dress and a cauldron. I’ve promised myself that I’ll get him a pointy hat though – he needs that).
And here our previous exploration came in handy. Bokken needed some of the Fangberries we’d found a few weeks ago, and for that he was willing to provide us with some healing and invisibility potions, though me using the spellbook we’d found did seem to sweeten the pot for him. Enough so that each of us now has an Invisibility Potion and a Healing potion.
Now we should be able to get into the Fort, with a bit of luck, some darkness, and a cunning plan! (Note to self: Gurky is not cunning. Plan must involve TWO sandwiches to appease him. And some milk for the kitten – Yet to figure that one out).
Apart from that, we’ve found a buried treasure! And there’s not even a pirate near! – I don’t know how that happened. However, the fact is that we’ve found it. And a signet ring, which presumably belonged to whomever owner the stuff we found. We’ve sent the ring off to Brevoy. Hopefully we can find the owner’s family and give them the bad news.

We were also ambushed by a bunch of bandits. And apparently Rhaill, Castien and Gurky had a weird bet, as to who could ride the worst when charging… Because that has to be the most inept showing of horsemanship this side of… err…. somewhere with bad Horseriding. Ineffectual it certainly was. Until they got close. Then they seemed to all get it… I wonder if they were just playacting to throw off the aim of the Archers. It certainly worked, as once we got close (with me waving the banner, keeping morale high, at a proper distance), we made short work of them.

And now we’re off to the fort.

Sixth Session

6th Session Rucdahls View point
Tale of Warriors, Witches, Trees and Kobolds.

I am glad that Flinn did not take part in the foolish attempt at taking over the fort like the other bandits did, I dont want to go chasing after his corpse. The rest are going to dance the hemp fandango and serve them right. Fools.

The remaining bandets were drafted by a lord sent by the local fortress, then I saw why we overpowered them easily earlier, virtually no fighting skill at all. After been beaten by Girky and Castien they end up doing laps and other general exercise.

We stayed the night and then traveled on the LOcal “Witch”. Who was a clear mad old man, wearing a dress, humans are definitly strange. We bargained for some invisibility potions, however he, sorry she, did not have enough fangberries to make enough for all. This ment a trip to the patch we found, inhabitted by that swarm of spiders. The Mad “woman” had a solution, a particularaly strong brew of moonshine, to burn the spiders with. Which proved to be very effective. Returning we each gained a potion of invisiblity and healing. We finally convinced Girky not to try to steal the witches cat, and mickos doesnt dance. But the beer is pretty good.

We then travelled south to the Kobold mine, for silver dust. Mikhos wanted to purge the area around the stag lords fortress of undead, one hand its a good idea, you carnt trust undead, they dont know when to stay down. On the other hand it makes a very effective defense against attack.

On the way I spotted an unusual tree, old lightening struck oak or similar. Searching around it we found some disterbed soil. Quick bit of digging and we found what looks like a bandets stash, badly hidden. The items included a signet ring (which castien reckognised) an spell book, plus several other items.

At the Kobold camp, our resident bargainer managed to get the kobolds to hand over enough silver dust to make several holy potions, plus a trade of 1 bar of silver to one bar of iron. Not a bad deal, for us.

the fifth trial (Galail)

We finally eliminated the cheiftan of that clan of Disgusting Mites. I personally led the killign blow and it gave me a feeling of some satisfaction. I don’t like Evil Fae, These mites may not have been the ones that attacked and destroyed the Conclave of The Grey Talon, but i saw nothing in their actions to show them mercy.

Besides, one of the bastards vomitted on me. That was inexcuseable.

We moved on form the tree and made our way to the old silver mine the kobalds were using. I insisted on a rest stop buy the river so i could clean my clothes off from that mess. I grabbed a few ducks From the river whilst i was there and made my way back to the camp.

Gurky the half-orc and I noticed the tracks of a very large boar in the area, We both really wnated to hunt the “Big pig!” as Gurky called it, but we had to press on to the silver mine. So maybe another time.

Around the campfire i noticed Rucdalh had been hunting inland too, and had brought down a dear. Without finesse and natural balance by the looks of the wounds, but still. Deer is Deer. And we ate our evening meal. Cooked by the crazy Sorcerous Gnome-ess. It was quite spicy. But over food Myself and the Monk Rhael, who joined us recently got to talking. His Fighting seems based on a militant philosphy. I say militant, but i have the feeling, that even in is m ilitance, it has a certain sense of balance and finesse to it, that eleveates them to something above a common tavern brawler.

As a demonstration, Rhael insisted I shoot him with my bow. a little wary of this, I selected to shoot at his arm as a flesh wound there would be easily manageable by out priest. I was therefore extremly surprised when he snatched my arrow directly out of the air with barely a movement!

Clearly there is something to this philosphy after all. Of course our kobald companion Noctish did not like being left out, so he thought he should be able to snatch a knife out of the air too.
Noctish is trained as a weapon-user, and is highly effective with his spear, as several mites found out to their terror, but as for snatching knives out of the air, he lacks the sense of balance i think that Rhael shows.
He got hit in the shoulder.
Michios, tended to him and i asked the reticient cleric a few questions about his death god. It seems to be more of a circle of life and detah god. Explains why he hated the zombies so much, they destroyed the natural cycle.

Rhael tried to demonstrate a close combat manouvere using Gurky as a dummy, however Gurky proved that brute force can master over agility when it comes to fighting sometimes, as he left Rhael a bruise on his cheek. Rhael took it well though.

Then we approached the Kobald mine the day after. There was some tension at first as it seems the Shaman had been getting grand ideas about taking over tribe sooscale and the chieftan and he were at odds. There had been some inter-kobaldean clashes already. So we tracked the Shaman down. I was all for talking to him first but the annoying little gnome decided that she just fancied Killing him and just i opened my mouth two flashes of magic took the shaman aback and he snarled somewhat. Then he turned his 8 guards into Mites, and i decided that enough was enough and took to arms. Felling one with a sudden charge and a cleave to the head.

the others didn’t last much longer, For soem reason Michios cast a magical darkness on the area blinding both the shaman and Gurky, Rhael and Noctish who were running in to attack.

I have no idea why he did this it defies explanation.

Either way, a minute later there were two loud clangs and a dull thud as Rhael, somehow managed to beat the shaman to a bloody pulp even still.

We are now some kind of heroes of the sooscale tribe. They held a feast in our honour, which I have to say was actually quite palatable. Even the Kobald Beer was nice.

We formalised the alliance between ourselves and the Sooscale and headed back to the outpost. Noctish stayed with his clan for now.

We arrived at the outpost to find signs of fighting and only a handful of the bandits we originally captured. Seems some of the more enterprising bandits broke thier oath and tried to attack a Brevoian guard squad. Seems a little counter-intuitive if you ask me, especially when the leader is that veteran knight we met last time.

needless to say the bandits are on their way to be hung. Which i am all for to be honest. As the freedoms say. Oathbreakers die.

I think we may rest here a little while before going back out to explore for a week or so. I just hope we can count on the kobalds and guards’ help for when we attack the stag lord’s fort in two and a half weeks time.

Session 5 (As seen by Solania)

We have now defeated the evil mites located in the Old Sycamore tree. It was quite a fight I have to admit, though my ability to kill people using only an Iron Pot and a sound spell amazes even me.
We brought the statue of Old Sharptooth back to the Kobold tribe as we’d promised, and it turns out that that the Shaman there, is a former Gnome (reincarnated one) who HATES Kobolds, and who’d infiltrated the tribe, and tried to destroy it from within, just like he’d done to 2 other tribes. (He’d died in a war, and got himself reincarnated as a hero, even though he was merely trying to buy his own life when ogres attacked his original gnome village). We found all of this in his journal, that I’ve arranged to ship off to his home village so that they can know that their hero is really a villain.

The alliance with the Kobolds has now been formalized as well by planting our flag, next to the tribe’s banner, and peace shall reign over the Kingdom of Cagemigorusyr (we had to change the name from Cabemisgorus, as Bongle sent along Girky, and we had Rhail join us). Much fun was had during the feast, though I’ll admit I don’t remember much. I may have ever so slightly overindulged in drink.

We have also now returned to Oleg’s Outpost and found that the bandits had been shipped off to Brevoy, as they did not uphold their peace vows. Personally, I’m hoping they get drawn and quartered. As they broke their vows, so shall they be broken.

Moonradishes were delivered, to Svetlana’s delight and she made us some nice food. Even better was the fact that the ring being delivered to Oleg, earned us an account with him worth 1000 gold. That will certainly porve handy during our negotiations awith the kobolds, and any further trade agreements that we can set up.

Still no Fey dragons has been caught. I suspect someone is ruining my traps. I’ve seen big feet tracks around the trap, but I don’t know who it is. I bet it’s Galial though. He’s always out hunting.. and he wants a Fey Dragon wing.. He KNOWS that my trap will work better than any he sets up, so he’s ruining mine… but now to prove it.. Hmm..


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