Kingmaker Campaign - Country of Cabemigorus

Day 3 The hunt is on!

Day 3 The hunt is on!

It was decided as a group to hunt down the bandits, if we could find them, all well and good, if not we had 3 days to return to the fort, and then follow them back.

Our monk was taken quietly to one side by Olag (turns out he had a request to find his wifes ring, that was stolen by them) while Setlana also had a request for the group, she wanted Moonradish’s for a soup she wanted to prepare, to be found in the south in the forest.

We entered the forest on the start of the search pretty quickly (compaired to the fiasco of even trying to leave the hamlet a few days earlier) within a few hours of following trails we came upon a clearing with the moonradish’s we was asked to get.

The clearing was also occupied by a group of kobolds, while I was quiet happy to bang a few heads together, Springle decided to go for diplomacy (helped very little by Gorky, who also wanted to bang a few heads together) A trade was agreeded, Radish’s for Spice. It also turned out that the leader Noctis, of the Suve Scale Clan, knew where the bandits were based. A little more bargaining and he agreeded to guide us to the bandits camp. Sometimes not killing works out as well.

Bandits Camp
The camp was about a days travel south, in a clearing near a spring/river. Myself springle and the monk (name to be edited) being the most stealthy, scouted the camp. About a dozen men, and one women which from the shouting and bawling was in charge. The camp had 2 watch towers with 1 camp fire, sloppy design. We decided to wait until past moonset when the night was at its darkest to attack.

Fortune was with me this night as I managed to sneak upto the first watch tower, climb the ladder that was left down (very sloppy) and knockout the sleeping guard, the second watch tower did not even see it happen. He was then tied up.

The next watchman was a lot more attentive, and got a javalin in the chest, throwing by Gorky. If that didnt kill him, the fall certainly did.

The rest of the group then charged. One bandit also charged, while the rest tried to wake their friends. I fired with my bow and missed, first “blood” was to Springle with a voilet arrow of magic, staggering the charging bandit, the monk finished him off with an acrobatic knee to the face and continued running.

Castian reached the bandits next and knocked one out with a slamming shield bash. Gork reached his javalin and reached the bandits next, with a vicious stab, he completely missed the bandit who promptly woke up panicing rolled to safety and drew his daggers. Springle also fired with a spell and again the next bandit was polished off with a vicious blow from the monk.

I let rip with an arrow and aiming to demoralize them even more, shout out for there surrender. I missed (again, I need a new bow this one must be warped) and my words must have scared them (as I planned) most surrendered straight away, 2 tried to run. Springle had the same idea fired her spell a third time and told them to stop running.

The bandits are now in our control. I think I am going to have an interesting chat with this bandit on the platform.

Day 2 Oleg's Trading Post

Day 2 (Rucdalhs viewpoint)

Before we even left the hamlet events took a change. The gnome who dressed like a noble lady, but talked like a fishwife, decided that trudging through mud and rain was below her and sent out her underling Gorky, a half orc with a battle axe, to go in her place. A bit slow, but someone I can use if needed.

We got 2 miles down the road, and was then joined by some insane human, dressed in some sort of toga like clothing, no real weapons to show. Turns out hes some sort of Monk like person of very strange thinking, the road will see what will turn out. (it turned out that he doesnt need weapons, just hands and feet, definitly need to be careful)

Arrival at Oleg’s Trading Post
After 3 days of travelling we finally reached Oleg’s Trading post, looks like an old fort, tower on each corner with currently unusable catapults. A bit of repairs it will be a suiably strong base of opperations.

Oleg as his wife Setlana welcomed us and gave us hospitality for the night. After the meal, we started to find out about the local surroundings and suprise suprise there happens to be bandits around here, plus they have been taking protection money. First group seen was 12, then as the months went through the number went down.

Normal if boring practice for them, show up with big force, then get lazy and start assuming all is well. Definite lack of imagination on there part.

We also found out that there was a hedge witch called Bokan, who traded potions that he crafted and a mean beer. One which I intend to try very soon.

How it all began. Solania style.

Quiet morning. Strange people, early day. Yup.

We were gathered in the courtyard at the fort (incidentally a very nice outhouse they had, even though it wasn’t on the way to the store).
I met a lot of interesting people. And some dull ones. Thankfully we were soon sent off on our way to explore and take over a country. YAY!
Castian is this elf Paladin. Of Iomedae. Seems like a nice person, but I think he might be following me.. SHHHH!
Bongle is a weird one. She’s a gnome like me. And yet not a gnome like me. She’s all prettified and done up, but the puppy she bought is cute.. Nice puppy!
Mitchos is a priest of Pharasma. He looks like most humans to me. They all look the same, but he seems a bit subdued. Perhaps all that talking to the dead and about death is bad for you? Get busy living!
Galial is another human. He’s a ranger. Either that or he has some sort of strange connection with animals. I don’t want to know if that’s the case, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Bongle did. He seems a bit dour though, and rude. Perhaps he’ll get better when he lightens up a little.
Then there’s Rucdalh, another elf. With half an ear. He says it’s from a sword wound, but I think that Orc bit it off. Yep. Otherwise the rest of his head would have gone missing. But then again, perhaps he grew back his head. Can elves do that?

Anyways. We bought supplies, and I think they got a map of some weird Graham guy, who was obsessed with Fey Dragons and lunch. I wonder if I can get a Fey Dragon friend if I pack a lunch? I’ll have to try.
We set off for the Trading Post however, the one in the Stolen Lands. We should make that our base of operations, for our exploration of the area. I just hope we don’t come across to many rivers or lakes, because they didn’t have any collapsible canoes at the store.

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