Guardian, Spirit of the Wood, Nature Warden and many more similar expressions


Syriana is an otherworldly, eternal beauty, the long golden hair and the pointy ears could belong to a halfelf, yet her beauty is painful in its perfection. She is dressed as any huntswoman might, leather armor, pelts, quiver, bow and a spear, as well as knife. Yet even these seem odd, there are hundreds of hypnotizing ornaments, often intertwined. Her eyes are the color of bronze, matching the falling leaves of autumn. In them you notice an ancient wariness.


She was first encountered, after the two prankster fey, Perlivash and Tyg made Galial and Rucdahl aware of the curse they bear from old Sycamore and urged them to seek out Syriana which is an old elven expression for Guardian, Spirit of the Wood, Nature Warden and many more.
Syriana agreed to lift the curse of the first world from them, in exchange for a favor from every member of the group to heed her call, once the time is come.


“You are touched by the first world, and you are also marked for unspeakable pain, doom, death and eternal slavery. Not necessairly in that order.”

“Is it chance…or is it fate… I can never decide.” (Yep, shamelessly stolen from DA2)

“One of you has a destiny, the other is free to choose his own fate. I do not know who to pity more.”

“I can save you, but there is a prize.”


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