Baron Kesten Garess

Former, disowned Knight, Baron of Fort Tuskwater, Warden of the Greenbelt


Coat of Arms:


An offspring of one of the great houses of Brevoy, Kesten was trained to be a knight from a very young age on. The boy usually did very good, the hard drill and the sense of accomplishment when looking back always inspired him to do his best on the training field as well as the field of honor. Soldiers under his command would describe him as hard, but just. Everything could have gone so well, if it weren’t for love.

During one of the tournaments the knight fell in love with a lowborn merchants daughter Tania Rimovcheg, the affair went on for several month, before it became puplic knowledge due to Tania being heavy with child. The following scandal left Kesten disowned (because he didn’t deny being the father, he even ackknowledged it) and severed from his beloved. The only thing they had not stripped from him, was his knighthood and such he ventured south to Restov, where he joined the guard and within a year became lieutenant. But it wasn’t enough, the knight still hoped to make a name for himself, to show Tanias (who forbid them any contact and guards his daugther very strictly now) and his own father, his value. He eventually heard of Olegs request for guards, which has been delayed for quite some while by his superiors. Kesten volunteered for the job and took s small complement of guards with him.

He has a very strict sense of honor and can rush decisions from time to time without considering all aspects. Kesten also helps stabilizing the region by taking the repentant bandits under his command and train them as guards for the outpost. His methods may seem extraordinarily harsh, yet his only intend is to give them a fighting chance in battle. If whatever he throws at them during the training is worse what a battle could throw at them, they may survive many of them. The new recruits respect him, and also value the rounds of beer he sometimes hands out at the evening of an terrible hard day.

Sir Garess was named Warden of the Greenbelt and handles the cities defences and patroles along the roads. Eventually his faithful services were rewarded with the priviliges and duty of a baron. He is baron of Fort Tuskwater and a stout and loyal defender of his liegelord. He eventually married Tania Rimovcheg after he was made a baron.

Note: Due to family rivalries he doesn’t seem to get along well with Sir Falgrim Sneeg.

Baron Kesten Garess

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