Baron Falgrim Sneeg

Renegade Knight, Baron of Olegton, Royal Executioner


Coat of Arms:


Falgrim Sneeg was wanted by the Kingdom of Brevoy for intentionally killing Rodrick Garess in a tournament at Grey Haven, his liege lord Darius Rodved did nothing to support the knight and as such Falgrim, with the threat of a biased trial (that he doesn’t look very charming just adding to it), fled Brevoy to the Greenbelt and joined the Stag Lord. Haus Garess opened up a bounty on him, this murderer should not escape justice.

After he was captured he eventually was convinced to come up with his version of the events in Grey Haven. He stated, that he accidentally killed his opponent, and as he approached his liege, he would just turn away, even supplemented “proof” to house Garess. A knight swears an oath to his liege to protect him and follow his commands, but the liege also swears an oath to protect his subject, as such the knights oath was broken by Baron Darius Rodved, valuing his life, Falgrim fled and eventually joined the Stag Lord out of a sense of betrayel. He saw it as a chance to get back at his former liege.
He was surprised by the offer from our heroes to finance his trial for him, with the 1000 gold pieces he received he should be able to find the proof for his innocence. In return it was asked, that once his trial is resolved, that he’ll join them in protecting the kings new realm in the Greenbelt. Falgrim vowed this on his honor and life.

Falgrim won his freedom by trial in combat. After his return to the Greenbelt he made good of his word and was entrusted with the defence of Olegton, as the town proofed to be a hive of scum and villainy. The town endured some troublesome episodes, but finally seems no longer a troublespot. After Lord Castien was named Duke, he received the title of Baron and Olegton as his fiefdom. He also serves as royal executioner. Baron Sneeg proofed to be a hard man whose honor remains unquestionable, he has little use for mercy, but is not cruel, he simply enforces the law as it is written.

Note: Despite Sir Kesten Garess dislike of him, he doesn’t seem to hold a grudge against the other knight.

Baron Falgrim Sneeg

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