Sir Argail of High Watch

Paladin and Grandmaster


Coat of Arms


Sir Argail is a landed knight in the kingdom of Brevoy as well as a respected member of Eternal Vigilance a knightly order dedicated to Imoedae. He’s always been a voice of reason, upholds his oaths and keeps himself in touch with the common folk, which makes him very popular among them. Knights and Lords value his integrity.
It is said, that he saved his fair share of damsels in distress during his younger days, yet he is unmarried and has no successor, it’s expected that he will anounce one of the handful of knights that squired under him, as his legal heir. Sir Argail is in his late fifthies, and at good health, he’ll probably live at least another ten to twenty years which pushes the question for a successor to the future.

He’s along standing supporter of King Chorkal the Second of house Rogarvia.

Sir Argail of High Watch

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