Mighty warrior of the Soothscale Clan


Noctish was first encountered as a leader of a small warband of 6 kobolds at a moon radish patch, where he talked to the longshanks and mighty Shaman Solania, after neither side seemed to be inclined to solve the ownership of the clearing with violance. After negotiating a trade agreement with Solania regarding the moon radish he offered to lead them to the bandit camp and would also assist Solania, if the need should arise.

Several days later he was met after a fierce battle, a group of mites had ambushed his warband. Noctish was the only survivor of the fighting, and after some conversation, he was willing to take Solania and her warband to the kobold caverns. (He also mentioned, that he pities Golariel, for having a hard time finding a mate) The talking for an alliance between the mighy Soothscale Clan and the envoys of Brevoy went rather well, until Noctish was suprised by his chieftain, that he should acompany the heroes as they took up arms against their ancestral enemies the mites of Old Scyamore. Yes, they live underground, because they hide from the mighty Soothscale clan!

During the first skirmish at Old Sycamore, Noctish was wounded, yet the kobold managed to hold his own against a giant tick (beetle) and even killing it, after flying into a bloodfrenzy.

After the victorious return form Old Sycamore Noctish established himself as a revered warrior of his tribe and trained others to fight like him. He and his band of warriors eventually started to roam the southern borders, even sometimes crossing into Mivon territory to capture or slay bandits. The kobolds actions did not fell on the Realms reputation, as it provided ample plausible deniability. Even Mivon could not prove that the kobolds are acting on behalf of Lord Castien – as they weren’t.
However the kobolds first encountered dificulties when trying to face to suspected bandits. The mercenaries Caddoc and E’lara, they proved to be capable warriors, but before the loss of life both sides figured out, that they were not facing true enemies of the Realm.

After allegations turned up that the kobolds were attacking Mivon merchants Lord Castien and his loyal advisors personally investigated these. It turned out, that they had indeed captured a Mivon merchant, however, that merchant was transporting weapons and armors. After investigations it turned out, that these were intended to smuggle weapons to Olegton, however the merchants knew nothing of it and were just framed, believing in the authenticy of their contract.
This particular incident made it clear, that the kobolds needed to be integrated in the regular forces to prevent possible future diplomatic issues with Mivon. Captain Noctish and his ‘Kobold Rangers’ take pride in serving in their official capacity as scouts and local guides – this force is however extremly small and cannot substitude the services rendered by Galials Order of the Eagle.



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