Galial brenauddyn

Half-Elf Ranger. About 6'4" fairly well built, lithe and athletic. Dark hair medium-long Purple eyes.


He stands fairly tall for a human, slghtly short for an elf. He has the characteristic pointed ears of his Elven Heritage, but the ears also have small lobes as befits his Human side.

He has longish dark-coloured hair, that has a slightly wild look about it. His eyes are a dramatic purple colour, likely an outgrowth of his ELven Heritage.

He wears shades of green and brown, in a effort to camoflage himself aginst the forest terrain. He carries an intricately designed Axe. Upon closer examination, one may even say the axe of a noble family. It is very well made. He also carries a plain Sword and a well-made but well worn Elven Longbow. He has thick green/brown leather hide armor on. He also has on his belt an insignia of some kind that appears to refer to some unknown ranger order.

His movements are lithe and agile. He stalks when scouting and is generally wary of his surroundings otherwise.

He doesn’t talk much as he believes it spoils the hunt. Seeing as he always considers himself as hunting something, this gives him a very inward and quiet aura to him.

He dislikes lazyness and people who are arrogant in their dealings with others. If drawn to talk, he can spin a tale if necessary and segway himself into a conversation after a while.


Last Ranger of the Dark Eagle Order. The dark eagles having been wiped out all save Galail some 4 years previously.

It happened whilst Galail was finishing his training. The Dark Eagles had been known to be sworn to protect their ranges from sorties by various Evil Fae. Galial returned back to the fort after a trip to the nearby towns to see it a smoking ruin. his friends and teachers dead. Some hung on poles to warn others of the dangers of trying to stop the forces of the Fae.

The sole survivor of the Dark Eagle Order, Galial went out that day with only the skills he had to find a way to avenge his order. Which ended up with him stumbling into the country of Brevoy.

Galial brenauddyn

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