Castien Birren


Race: Elf
Size: M
Gender: M
Age: 127
Height: 6 ft. 3 inch
Weight: 118
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Green/Scar over the left eye


Father: Adanion Birren
Mother: Belranya Birren (Born: Sharaias)

Castien Birren being born in Brevoy into the family of a wealthy tradesman.
Being the first child, his parents spared no expenses on their son whenever possible and spoiled him as much as possible.
Raised among rich and noble folk, Castien grew to despise the society he had been born to and rebelled against it as best as he could.
Avoiding contact with the royal blooded, he spent his nights in the taverns of Brevoy or causing trouble to the great dismay of his father, who hoped Castien would take over the family business.

Having no desire to follow into the footsteps of his father, Castien kept up his careless lifestyle. Spending the money of his parents on alcohol and other pleasures.

But the bought love and drinking couldn’t full fill him and the young man kept feeling restless and incomplete.

He continued his life many years.
During these times, his father spent a great deal of time away from home and traveled to seal businesses with partners all over the country.
After a particular long travel of over a year, his father returned with a baby, which he declared to be Castien’s half sister.

His mother furious with the actions of her husband, hated the baby, feeling cheated and hurt in her pride.
Ashamed of his affair and it’s outcome, his father ignored the child and kept focusing on convincing Castien to take up his role as heir.

Castien however loved his sister with passion and wished for nothing than her happiness.
Returning home to the family to be close to his sister, Castien still felt the restlessness, which plagued him a greatly and he grew desperate.

Until one day he made the acquaintance of a man named Draycan Talos by accident. The paladin found an instant liking in Castien and offered to train in the arts of a sacred servant.
Wary and unsure, Castien declined at first but the paladin’s believe in the young elf was strong, being assured that Iomedae had sent him to meet Castien in order to train him.
In an attempt to free Castien from his loitering and drinking, Draycan forced the young man to join him on tasks to keep him busy, hoping the Castien would on his own hear to call Iomedae sent to him.

Months passed during his time with the old paladin, Castien realized that the restlessness had faded from him and started to believe the words of Draycan.
He agreed to the offer to be trained as a paladin, not knowing that while he traveled with Draycan, his Father had set up an arranged marriage with another trader’s family in order to strengthen his connections.
Sending out a letter to Castien, informing him of the marriage and explaining that he was expected at the bride’s home in a few weeks time.
The young paladin didn’t wish to be tool of his father’s plot to gain more wealth and instead followed his teacher into unknown lands to continue his education to become a paladin and left his parents to believe he was lost.

25 years should pass before Castien returned to Brevoy…

Castien Birren

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