Baron Vladik Mesvod

A border baron


Coat of Arms


Baron Vladik Mesvod, one of the border barons to the river kingdom is a stout supporter of the kings efforts to claim and cilvilize new land. It will allow his fiefdom to see increased trade as well as taking away the pressure from these lawless lands and the godsforsaken bandits who plague the region far too long for his liking.

As such he sent out the call for adventurers, which our heroes followed.

The man is in his early forties, usually clad in practical leather armor, has the hardened eyes of a seasoned warrior. His fiefdom is relatively small, due to the near ‘free’ city of Restov (belonging to the kingdom of Brevoy, yet it’s self ruled), which he detests.

Rumor has it, that he was petitioned by some troublemakers ( others would say unhappy folks) from Olegton, to annex the settlement.

It turned out, that Baron Mesvod is a man of many sins, greed and envy foremost. He was ploting to overthrow and annex Lord Castiens domain, with the monetary support from a pitaxian merchant family to by mivonian mercenaries. These plans however were foiled by the rangers. Unfortunatley it was not possible to prove his involvement in those events, the indications were disclaimed as slander by Pitax. It remains to be seen, if the Baron will stay put, or make another, maybe this time more overt move to gain what he covets.

Baron Vladik Mesvod

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