Kingmaker Campaign - Country of Cabemigorus

Solania's Log. 8th session.

After a brief planning period, and a night spent talking to Kobolds, we have now gotten to the point of invading the Stag Lord’s Fort. Entering through the gates, with Kressle playing her part, and invisible, we were quickly able to both take out the guards, and signal the Kobolds (courtesy of a Wand of Burning Hands).
Moving on a bit, we’ve now entered the armory, with Rucdahl going down once, and our dear Darkness Priest getting him back up, after an attack by some sort of foppish swashbuckler (and some half-ogre), with me managing to rack up an impressive killcount – Again with a Wand of Burning Hands, and some of Bokken’s Brew. Very fiery combination. I like it. A LOT.
Not much to say currently, as we’re still in the fight, though I do find the cries of “WHO LET THE OWLBEAR OUT!??” to be somewhat disquieting.



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