Kingmaker Campaign - Country of Cabemigorus

Solania's Journal. day... errrr. T+23 or so. (6th + 7th Session)

We’ve recently returned triumphantly from vanquishing the Evil Mite Infestation! – And made friends with the Kobolds. We even have a trade agreement with them. (Or I do at least). Once per month, I’ll provide them with 100 pounds of iron, and they’ll provide me with 100 pounds of silver. Profitable for me. Useful for them, as they couldn’t get iron on their own.
It’ll also make Oleg a rich man in the long run, as I’ve cut him in on 10% of the profits, in order for him to manage the flow of goods. Should be a lucrative deal for him, since I’m the one putting my money in it, and taking the risk.

We’ve also met Bokken. The witch. (Who’s deffo a witch, regardless of what Gurky says. After all, he has a cat, a dress and a cauldron. I’ve promised myself that I’ll get him a pointy hat though – he needs that).
And here our previous exploration came in handy. Bokken needed some of the Fangberries we’d found a few weeks ago, and for that he was willing to provide us with some healing and invisibility potions, though me using the spellbook we’d found did seem to sweeten the pot for him. Enough so that each of us now has an Invisibility Potion and a Healing potion.
Now we should be able to get into the Fort, with a bit of luck, some darkness, and a cunning plan! (Note to self: Gurky is not cunning. Plan must involve TWO sandwiches to appease him. And some milk for the kitten – Yet to figure that one out).
Apart from that, we’ve found a buried treasure! And there’s not even a pirate near! – I don’t know how that happened. However, the fact is that we’ve found it. And a signet ring, which presumably belonged to whomever owner the stuff we found. We’ve sent the ring off to Brevoy. Hopefully we can find the owner’s family and give them the bad news.

We were also ambushed by a bunch of bandits. And apparently Rhaill, Castien and Gurky had a weird bet, as to who could ride the worst when charging… Because that has to be the most inept showing of horsemanship this side of… err…. somewhere with bad Horseriding. Ineffectual it certainly was. Until they got close. Then they seemed to all get it… I wonder if they were just playacting to throw off the aim of the Archers. It certainly worked, as once we got close (with me waving the banner, keeping morale high, at a proper distance), we made short work of them.

And now we’re off to the fort.



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