Kingmaker Campaign - Country of Cabemigorus

Solania's Adventure Journal issue 9 and 10.

Well, we found out who let out the Owlbear. That was the Stag Lord, so after we’d finished mopping up his minions, we joined forces with the Kobolds, who were battling both Owlbear and Bandits. In the end we ended up killing the owlbear and most of the Bandits there, before 2 of the Bandits locked themselves inside the Owlbear’s cage. To which I broke the lock, so they couldn’t get out. (We did spare their lives though).

The Bandit Lord himself then decided to interfere. He attacked, along with the once-noble Knight Felgrin Sneed. We killed the Bandit Lord (or rather I DID, just as I DID with the Owlbear) and the Knight surrendered. We heard his tale, and decided that we would help him. We have now donated 1000 gold to his cause, so that he can go back and face the charges, as he seems convinced that he’ll be able to find the proof he needed in order to be acquitted. – Should he be acquitted, he has sworn himself to our cause.
The same goes for the surviving bandits. Our little nation seems to be growing by the day.

After turning in all the goods we found at the Fort to Oleg, so that we have a bit more ready cash, we have decided to explore the remaining area. We found some rather nasty traps (which Girky promptly stepped on), and as they were so well hidden that even most humans wouldn’t notice, we decided to follow the tracks of the trapper. We came across his dead body, causing us to wonder what had happened.
We think we know, as the next day, my trap finally paid off! We now know a Faerie Dragon, and a Grig! Both of whom Girky captured, by leaping out of a rather tall tree, causing him to be hurt. – I suspect Girky’s been sneaking off to eat my sandwiches…. In any case, we now know them. (We decided to let them go, though I had to use a Sleep spell on Girky as he turned aggressive).

Apparently as well, Rucdalh and Galial seem to be suffering from some sort of disease that they caught off the Mites. Thankfully it seems as if the Faerie Dragon and the Grig knows someone who can help, so we’re on our way there now.



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