Kingmaker Campaign - Country of Cabemigorus

Session 5 (As seen by Solania)

We have now defeated the evil mites located in the Old Sycamore tree. It was quite a fight I have to admit, though my ability to kill people using only an Iron Pot and a sound spell amazes even me.
We brought the statue of Old Sharptooth back to the Kobold tribe as we’d promised, and it turns out that that the Shaman there, is a former Gnome (reincarnated one) who HATES Kobolds, and who’d infiltrated the tribe, and tried to destroy it from within, just like he’d done to 2 other tribes. (He’d died in a war, and got himself reincarnated as a hero, even though he was merely trying to buy his own life when ogres attacked his original gnome village). We found all of this in his journal, that I’ve arranged to ship off to his home village so that they can know that their hero is really a villain.

The alliance with the Kobolds has now been formalized as well by planting our flag, next to the tribe’s banner, and peace shall reign over the Kingdom of Cagemigorusyr (we had to change the name from Cabemisgorus, as Bongle sent along Girky, and we had Rhail join us). Much fun was had during the feast, though I’ll admit I don’t remember much. I may have ever so slightly overindulged in drink.

We have also now returned to Oleg’s Outpost and found that the bandits had been shipped off to Brevoy, as they did not uphold their peace vows. Personally, I’m hoping they get drawn and quartered. As they broke their vows, so shall they be broken.

Moonradishes were delivered, to Svetlana’s delight and she made us some nice food. Even better was the fact that the ring being delivered to Oleg, earned us an account with him worth 1000 gold. That will certainly porve handy during our negotiations awith the kobolds, and any further trade agreements that we can set up.

Still no Fey dragons has been caught. I suspect someone is ruining my traps. I’ve seen big feet tracks around the trap, but I don’t know who it is. I bet it’s Galial though. He’s always out hunting.. and he wants a Fey Dragon wing.. He KNOWS that my trap will work better than any he sets up, so he’s ruining mine… but now to prove it.. Hmm..



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