Kingmaker Campaign - Country of Cabemigorus

Marshall's Log 2


My duties and the training of my Marshall force seem to have settled into a normal routine now. the Rangers are coming along well I think. at the moment our priority is making sure all our outlying villages are in good order and protected. Lord Castien agreed to build a watchtower at the half way point along the Tuskwater road to Olegton, this should provide the miners there some defence.

However as we arrived to start construction, it appeared the miners had decided to go on strike. Their complaints involved the provision of supplies to thier camp, and most impotrtantly Beer Supplies.

Solania came along with us to speak to the miners and a deal was struck, we agreed to vary thier food supplies and add beer to it, if they went back to work. We added the stipulation that if they were drunk on duty, lord Castien would not be pleased, but they were more than welcome to enjoy the supplies on their off shifts. We organised a supply train with olegton and things seems to have been resolved.

However, Olegton appears to have become a bit of a draw for the lawless. Svetlana and her advisors have requested we add Olegton to the Feifdom so that they can enjoy some law protection. Lord Castien is thinking on it.

The kingdom was blessed this month. A bloom of flowers along the edges of Lake Tuskwater and some of the feeder streams was taken as a blessing from none other than Erastil himself! The people had the midsummer celebration and all seems to be well here. We further secured the feifdoms northern borders by begining the construction of barracks at Olegton, which formerly assimilated itself into the fiefdom this month. There was some disagreement form the lower elements up in olegton but nothing serious. Im hoping the gambling dens will stick around anyway. I may like to try my own luck. I chose to forgo the brothel. It’d be more fun to chase and tumble an independant young lady than have to pay for the pleasure.

I have heard tell that Lord Castien’s interest is arriving next month and that some form of tournament may be considered. This may be an opportunity for the workers and residents to relax a bit. We shall see.

a dilapidated pirate ship crashed into the port this month aswell. It bore those mercenaries that Solania had hired a few months back. The Eleven Woman and the Barbarian type. They had a disagreement with the town guards which ended with this El’ara punching one of the town guards in the nose. We bade them calm down a bit and solania came to speak with them about their early return.

Needless to say it was resolved with the slightest of discomfort on the feisty elf’s part but the wharr will be repaired and we have also acquired a lot of materials and a new ship for the town.

Fairly Profitable all in all.


Lord Castiens prospective arrived this month. She is being guested at the castle. She seems to be some very rich merchants daughter. Attractive enough I’ll grant, so Lord Castien I’m sure will be more than interested in her.

A boat

A Tournament was hastily planned and held in her name. I entered the Archery and the grand melee. I wasn’t performing at my best, but i did see some new prospectives that i may chat to later. The country is getting larger and i may need to get some more help out there. These two farmers seem like likely types. I wonder if they would be amenable to the suggestion.

I also entered thewood cutting contest, after all I am from the river kingdoms further south so i thought it best to show face in the traditional competition.

The competition is tight but I’m sure it will be fun.
The winner of the grand melee was required to fight the champion – Gurky. It was a humerous match, Rucdalh won the melee contest quite well, but when he faced up against Gurky he was fully outclassed. The match only took about a minute, but i must admit it was humerous to see Rucdalh’s pride getting tossed about a bit in the ring. Rucdalh is a good fighter, but no match for Gurky.

I’m sure Sir Garess Was very pleased to see Rucdalh bounced around as well.



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