Kingmaker Campaign - Country of Cabemigorus

Galail, Marshall Ranger

The last few months have been fairly hectic. Our country continues to grow exponentially, and because of this I have to make sure I extend my forces.

I must admit at this point that I purposefully extended them a little more than was required, but I am thinking about future growth.

Shelaya seems to have become a prime recruiting officer by default. So far she’s managed to attract almost 15 extra marshals. Although, she is playing on the ranger side more. Which I am quite happy with. I applied to lord Castien for an extension of the watch tower around the gold mine, or permission to construct a fort in another area. The purpose of which was for administration and training.
I say administration, barracks would probably be more appropriate. The force has to have somewhere centralised for that kind of thing. Where reports get collected, people are trained and… traditions are held.

Noctish approached me when I was down his neck of the plains, mentioned that he had been raiding across the border into no-man’s land and further on into Mevon, he said it was to keep bandits down, and I have to be honest he is certainly having an effect with his elite fighting force. But I need to ask him to think a bit more before attacking. El’ara and Caddis Came back through for the tournament in august, said they had been set upon by a force of kobolds.

As it is we currently have plausible deniability for that force which is just as well if they cross the lines into Mevon. But a suggestion of a little bit more… descrimination before attacking people may be required. I’ll ask Noctish myself. He doesn’t like me much its true, but we’ll see how it goes. He has asked if my rangers can carry some form of symbol to avoid any accidents by his force. I have thought on this, and I think the symbol of my order, the dark eagle order, the swooping Dark Grey Eagle clutching an axe would be appropriate.

In addition, I have decided to put all the recruit Marshal’s through the same program I went through as a novice in my order. It is well rounded, teaches survival techniques, tracking, hunting, and reasoning, in addition to instilling a sense of moral justice I hope. These are all qualities a good ranger needs.

Pardon me, I mean a good Marshal. Although, there are elements of both duties that reflect in each one.
Still. The countryside could do worse for not having a specifically ranger-training orientated force. We need outriders and scouts, we need investigators, but above all we need people to defend the swathes of land that we can claim. Garres and Sneed’s forces keep the roads towns and villages in good order, we help there as well. But there are large parts of the area that are just home to vulnerable farmers, and the outer edges of the fiefdom, border on nothing, forests, or plains or hills that have no habitation. These areas need to be kept in check. Scouted, policed if you will.

It’s due in part to this that we were able to ascertain the location of a problematic burial mound that may house a large army of un-dead. I intend to investigate this with Castien, Solania and the others this month. It’s not far from our borders and as such should be checked. The green dragon is further away I’d rather not let it be for now, but this possible un-dead force is more pressing.

Especially along with the rumour of the stag lord remerging. Although it sounds completely unfounded, it would not be wise to ignore it.

End of log



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