Kingmaker Campaign - Country of Cabemigorus

Exploring the Wilds

Solania’s journal time.
It’s been quite a while since we last had a restful moment to update our journal so where to start.

Castien got married to Ariel, amid much fanfare. I won’t dwell on that too long here, since I.. .err… may have drunk a bit much quite early on, and don’t really remember anything. No that’s not it, definetily not.

What I do know is that we have met a woman called Elga, she appears to be a hag, with her green skin and all that, but from what we gather when we talked to her, it’s simply a matter of her having gotten older. What race she might be that turns green as she get older however, I have no idea. What we do know is that she can cast spells, but as I didn’t see much in the way of a library, I’m going to assume that she’s a Sorcerer or a Witch. (She didn’t have any animals unlike Bongle, but I guess that her scarecrow could be it). In any case, we seem to have struck up a friendship with her, and we’ve promised that we’ll help her try and restore her looks, or at least make it so that people and children don’t taunt her when she makes her way to Fort Tuskwater. We also delivered her some mushrooms that she needed.

We’ve also had a small encounter with her neighbour, who was a mad hermit who heard voices. When we came across him, he seemed docile enough, but that all changed that same night. He attacked us in the early hours of the morning, and we fended him off, unfortunately killing him in the process. As he expired he said something along the lines of “Finally the voices have been silenced”. I seem to have been the only one hearing that though, and I really don’t like the sound of it. I’m keeping my mouth shut however.

Further developments have happened as well. We’ve cleared Candlemere Island of the Will’o’Wisps that were present, and we found an old ruin that was dedicated to Yogsothoth. Not exactly what I’d call a friendly place, but Vanessa insisted that it was a place where the leylines came together, so with her help we have now establied a small community there, starting with creating her a Mage Tower. Candlemere is now a small community not too far away from Fort Tuskwater. So our kingdom is expanding yet again.

We have also found someone called “The Dancing Lady”. We freed her from what we thought was captivity in her keep, and I accepted ownership of the keep. As it turns out however, she wasn’t quite as innocent as we could have hoped for. Apparently she’s some sort of evil and corrupting fey presence in the area. I’m sure she’ll make a reappearance and cause trouble, but we’ve been unable to find her again.

We did find a dead Unicorn. I suspect she might be involved since when we questioned the corpse as to what killed her, it was “Unequaled corrupted beauty”. Unfortunately I wasn’t there at the time, so couldn’t share my insight.

Other events have happened as well, we have saved a grove and pond from destruction by lumberjacks (I threatened them off! Scary Solania is scary! Woooo!) and with some Feather Tokens that we found, we planted new trees to replace the lost ones. That seemed to please the inhabitant, a nixie called Melianse. It all turned out for the best though, or so we hope, as the lumberjacks seem to be sticking to the agreement to leave her groove alone, and she’s letting them continue logging in the area.
We did however, afterwards, head off to meet her friend, a Dryad called Tiressia. That was a bit more interesting as we went to her sister’s home and killed Scythetree that had taken root in the area. Not a pleasant tree, and as it turns out, the dead sister had died because of a love-triangle (or should a quadrant) involving the Dancing Lady, Tiressia, Tiressia’s sister and some mortal human. We never really did get to the bottom of it, as the details were kept a bit vague by Syriana. I suspect she’s not really too keen on telling us everything. Can’t say I blame her.

We had trouble with a bard as well, turns out that he was a rumormonger and hell-raiser from Mivon, and not only that, but even after we’d given him a task to prove his loyalty to our kingdom (as he was riling up the crowds), he charmed the guards, came back and poisoned the High Priestess. He was caught and he was sentenced to death. He has now been killed. (He was poisoned as a sort of poetic justice).

For now, I think that just about covers it, apart from 2 important events: Rucdalh has gone missing, and has been missing for a long enough time that we’ve decided to approach Alexei Chekov about becoming our new Spymaster (since we sponsored his merchant company, he should be reasonably interested, and he certainly seems well connected). The second is the rumors that we keep hearing about Trolls near the southern Border. Galial was sent there and has been gone for several months, trying to find out if the rumors are true or not.



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