Kingmaker Campaign - Country of Cabemigorus

Castien's Journal 2

I know I don’t write these entries often enough but my work keeps me steadily occupied and find little time to add to my journal. I should certainly try and make more effort.

However, things have been well and lots happened within the last years. Firstly Ariel has come into my life. I sent a formal letter to her to apologise for make actions and making amends but also inviting her along to the Fort Tuskwater in attempt to possibly patch things up. When I decided to flee from the commitment that father put on my shoulders, I was young and foolish instead of stepping up and being honorable. Ariel agreed to my invitation and despite me believing nothing would ever happen, I was proven wrong the minute she stepped from the carriage. I instantly fell for her beauty, loveliness and her perfection. My actions had put me in a bad situation as I had no hope , she could ever feel the same after me rejecting her. She stayed for a long time so I made sure to spend as much time as it was possible with. She was such a lovely creature that I found myself drawn to her with every minute I spend by her side. While she did seem to enjoy my company, I did not believe she felt the same as me but regardless when it was time to leave for buisness, I did gamble to steal one kiss, which she returned. When I returned I spend more time with her, unbelieving that she blessed me with her grace and love, and after another few weeks/month I proposed. The moment she accepted was one of the happiest I’ve ever experienced and I still feel the same after the years that are already past us. She has born me a three wonderful children, which I love with all my heart and even though I’m clumsy in showing it I’m the luckiest man alive to have them.

But a lot of other things happened as well. The city has established wonderfully despite an attack of a huge owlbear, which caused many tragic losses among my people. After the wedding in which the king raised me to the status of a Duke, he was assassinated on his return home and rumor has it that Ruc’dahl, who had mysteriously vanished, is the perpetrator. I never should have given him my trust but it’s my duty to find out the truth. The King’s brother inherited the throne and he is a careful man as it seems. The Realm of the Silver Dragon is no longer free of taxes and 20 % of all our earnings are spent on it. It was bound to happen sooner than later but I fear how it will affect my people.

We also had our problems with a Bard within the city, spreading bad propaganda causing a number of towns folk to doubt the reign but after a very skilled debate with Solania the situation resolved rather quickly and the man had been put to a test in which he never succeeded. Instead he cowardly murdered our high priestess for which he was trialed.

My friends seem to be doing well in their lives as well. Girky has married and is raising kids on his own while Solania appears to be holding her love life casually. Galials seems to have a taken a fancy in Shalia (?) and I’m glad for my friends.

After the high priestess died, a new priest was sent to us by the order. He goes by the name Logaan (?) and he is a strange, strange man. He follows the same faith as I but it sounds to me that he does questions Iomedae’s ways in a way she should not do. I believe the Elders of the Order were trying to rid themselfs of him. He’s shown to be a loyal companion though so I try to ignore his little irregularities in our faith as best as possible.



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