Kingmaker Campaign - Country of Cabemigorus

Casiten's Log 1st entry

I decided to start a log now that the king tasked me with ruling the land. I am glad that I’m not alone with though. The weeks and months of exploring the Green Belt were quite sucessful and it was a huge help for me when I had to make decision as to who should support me while making something out of the green belt. I decided to start a city after consulting with the others and the left over of the Stag Lords Fortress are quite handy as a foundation for a Castle. Personally I do not need a castle but as long as it’s has a use for the city, who am I to not build one.

The construction seems to be going quite well and I’m pleased that people started moving to Tuskwater Point, which is a sign that the other and me made some decent decisions even if the first winter month looked to be a challenge but sending Galial out to hunt as well as Solania off to the Kobolds made things easier. The Kobolds are great allies and I’m thankful for the support they’ve lent us.

I also need to consider the other creatuers that we met and encountered on our exploration. I do hope that claiming the lands where the boggart as well the hermit and the temple is will let my desire to protect them come true. Having Galial as Marshall is already a step forward and with Solania’s talent to make friends it should ease out some difficulties.

It seems that Rhael has picked up his own buisness while guarding Vanessa. It’s good he and the others are building a foundation for their future. I supposed Girky and Rucdalh will soon pick up plans…well in Girky’s case I really can’t predict it.

The settling into these lands and managing them is a huge challenge and while it brings some aspects back to my life I had hoped to get rid off but I shall not make mistakes again and the ones I made I will try to correct. I do not how this will turn out but I wish for the best.

I need to think about setting up a few rules as well as request the others to keep me updated with reports what is happening and I have to look into training a few man so I can establish protection for the people of these lands…



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